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Beginning with L&W Equipment Combined with Layton Price Engineering. Together these 2 fine Engineering and Machinery Companies have brought an offering to automate a very labor intensive process. The alignment of Natural Casing Sausages where all of the curves are going in the same direction. The sausages are then presented for loading, either by hand or through robotic pick and place. Speeds of 270 links per minute. Also if you just want to put products in a single file fast or slow. We do this from L&W's patented single filer.


Next item; Through Sleegers Technique of The Netherlands, we offer paper or plastic under leafing machines. Bacon, Burgers, Sliced Chicken, Porscuitto, Sandwich kits, or even Smoked Salmon. If you want paper under your products call us we can help.


Last item, When the need is for machines that are out there in the market do not hesitate to ask. Often we have excellent values on gently used machines from Stuffers, Mixers, Form Fill Seal machines, to Ovens, etc.


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Blanco One Blanco One 1,400 slices per minute $244,000.
VI 19 Under Leafer www.sleegers.com VI 19 Under Leafer 1 lane or 6 we can help $162,000.
2 Shingle Stack Formax 2 Shingle Stack Formax S 180 $95,000. for the 2

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